Cyber Kung Fu for CISSP still the #1 Trending on YouTube!!!

Uploaded May 25 last year, our beta delivery of our updated CISSP program has received rave reviews and continues to receive over a thousand hits a week. Now the over all number 5 CISSP video of all time on Yotube with over 40K hits!

“Larry I cannot thank you enough for your training videos. You are amazing dude and funny. I listen to you everyday while going to work”
Hassan Hoque (YouTube)

“I would have thought there would be absolutely no way to make this interesting – you proved me completely wrong. Great insightful story telling at its finest! Bravo Greeny! Bravo! Larry is a stream of consciousness and really kept it interesting, I was off balance because Larry shifts gears all the time… spectacular! You need to watch these”
Edward Denzler (LinkedIn)

“Larry, The course is awesome. I just took and passed the CISSP exam yesterday. I don’t think I would have been able to do it without this course and the recommendation for practice questions. Thanks for posting these videos. They’re awesome as stated by the Department of Redundancy Department! :)”
Stephen Carroll (YouTube)

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