Live Online CISSP Boot Camp for only $595.00 this August 22-26!!!

For over 15 years, Larry Greenblatt has helped thousands of people all over the world, pass their CISSP. Larry’s classes receive rave reviews, and his training videos on have been trending #1 for over a year.

Why pay thousands of dollars to a training broker to get their instructor of the day, when you can get one of the world’s most experienced and best reviewed instructors for a fraction of the cost?

Live Online training has several advantages over traditional classroom environments, including:

Enhanced interaction between students:
As opposed to students calling out questions that others may have trouble hearing, each student types in their questions. Other students can clearly read the questions as well as see the screen name of the student asking the question. Quite often, this leads to lively debates, without interrupting the flow of the class!

Access to recordings of each day’s presentations:
Let’s face it, it is very difficult to pay full attention to every minute of training. With our live online trainings, each day is recorded and uploaded to an area where each student has access to view the entire day’s presentation. This allows the student to review any material they may have missed the first time through.

Far less costs!!!:
No traveling or lodging fees.

The CISSP is the premier information security certification and Larry Greenblatt is easily one of the worlds most recognized and celebrated instructors.

For more information and to schedule a class, please send an email to

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Announcing our new CISM & NIST RMF bootcamp, Live Online August 15-19!

Announcing our new CISM & NIST RMF bootcamp, Live Online August 15-19!

Looking for beta testers! After the success of our recent CRISC for NIST RMF, we have decided to do the same for our CISM class. Again, we make this class free to active DoD members and veterans. For others, we ask a small fee of $295.00.

This is a brand new rewrite of our CISM class that we have been doing for over 10 years. The CISM is aimed at information security management including those responsible for the architecture of controls to reduce the risks associated with an Information Security Management System (ISMS), where the CRISC is designed for those responsible for assessment and monitoring of these IT controls. As such, this class is two days longer and will include more detail on various technical, administrative and physical controls as well as a more thorough look at the 25 control categories of SP800-53.

In addition to learning about the risk management processes, the class will also focus heavily on CISM practice test questions, with hours spent debating the official ISACA terminologies and exam objectives.

For those affected by DoDI 8510.01, this class also will focus on the relationship of CNSSI 1253 and SP800-60 allowing the student to understand more deeply the categorization processes for information and information systems as well as the risk assessment process as per SP800-30.

As with our recent CRISC class, we plan to record the sessions and post appropriate portions to YouTube for both free and paid viewing.

If interested, please send an email to:

Thank you and may you Live Long & Prosper!

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Now On YouTube: Cyber Kung Fu for CRISC & NIST RMF

Larry Greenblatt’s CRISC & NIST RMF class taught live online July 5-7, 2016. This class is intended to prepare a student for the ISACA’s CRISC exam. As such, there are many hours spent taking the ISACA practice exam. Since this practice exam is ISACA copywritten material, we cannot publish it on YouTube. One more reason to enroll in a live online class!

To add context, the class is very focused on the Risk Management Framework (RMF) from the US National Institute of Standards & Technology. For those affected by DoDI 8510.01, this should be especially useful, as we introduce CNSSI 1253 as well as many key NIST publications, including SP800-30, SP800-53, SP800-60 and many more.

Intro) (Free!)
Day 1) ($29.99 USD)
Day 2) ($29.99 USD)
Day 3) ($19.99 USD)

Hope you enjoy these presentations. If you would like to sign up for one of our live online classes, please email

Here are some comments from the class:

“This training was one of the best training courses that I have ever taken. It was very relevant. I began utilizing the lessons learned from day one. While Larry focused on the test items, he also provided us with knowledgeable information that would benefit us in our work environment.”
Jeffery L. Boyd

“The training was excellent. I have been trying to get training on the subject matter for the last 2 years. You kept students engaged continuously. The training is and was directly related to my job. I was a previous Information Assurance Manager and now an Information Systems Security Officer. My knowledge was enhanced. I feel with reading the text, reviewing test questions, the slides, I will be able to successfully pass the exam. Because the instructor actually works in the field and applies the knowledge, I rate him on a scale of 1 to 10, as a “10”. It is rare to have an instructor that actively works or worked in the field and maintains both drive and enthusiasm about the subject.”
Cashena Mingo

“This training felt like it was a perfect fit for my needs and the needs of the organization I lead the information security and risk strategy for. The training was a great match for helping to fill in the risk management knowledge gaps that are were required to by filled due to my compliance requirements. The training was 100% relevant to my job and will help me in guiding my organization in, around, and through risk. Cyber Kung Fu for CRISC & NIST RMF class was engaging, interactive, and well formatted to fit in the time allocated. Excellent real life knowledge which is used to connect complex concepts to things that are easy to relate with.”
Tyson Martin

“Excellent. Exceptional instructor; I enjoy the material being presented in a conversation format. The additional information on the Risk Management Framework was a bonus.”
Marcus Taite

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CISSP & NIST RMF bootcamp July 25-29 Live Online!

Our CISSP training videos have been trending #1 for over a year now on YouTube! See why by signing up for our Live Online CISSP course. Now updated with lots of new information not available on the free YouTube 2015 videos.

If interested, please send an email to

May you Live Long & Prosper!

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CRISC 2016 & NIST Risk Management Framework – Live Online – Special Free for DoD – July 5-7

Attention all US Service Members involved in Risk Management – Free 3 Day CRISC class, Live Online with Larry Greenblatt, July 5-7

The ISACA’s Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification has become one of the most sought after Risk Management certifications. Our latest Cyber Kung Fu for CRISC also incorporates the NIST Risk Management Framework as required by DoDI 8510.01.

We at InterNetwork Defense are planning to record a live online delivery of our latest CRISC program and are looking to get a live audience to participate. If you are interested in being part of this exiting class, please write us here.

This special delivery of this class is free for all US service members. If you are not in the US Service but would like to take part, there will be a small $200.00 dollar fee.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has accredited the CRISC certification program under ISO/IEC 17024

(If interested, please send email to If you are DoD and wish to attend for free, please use your .mil account)

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