“Larry I cannot thank you enough for your training videos. You are amazing dude and funny. I listen to you everyday while going to work”
Hassan Hoque (YouTube)

“I would have thought there would be absolutely no way to make this interesting – you proved me completely wrong. Great insightful story telling at its finest! Bravo Greeny! Bravo! Larry is a stream of consciousness and really kept it interesting, I was off balance because Larry shifts gears all the time… spectacular! You need to watch these”
Edward Denzler (LinkedIn)

“Larry, The course is awesome. I just took and passed the CISSP exam yesterday. I don’t think I would have been able to do it without this course and the recommendation for cccure.org practice questions. Thanks for posting these videos. They’re awesome as stated by the Department of Redundancy Department! :)”
Stephen Carroll (YouTube)

“I have worked with Larry Greenblatt on several occasions and I love the way he unites practical experience and nitty-gritty security work with a broader contextual understanding of the real nature of the infinite game of bad guy vs good guy, spy versus spy. He mines the shadows and the edges for subtle cues that come into play as deft moves and unexpected feints. He does not ignore anomalies but links them to known unknowns and brings with him a deep experience of understanding real people and what motivates their behaviors. He’s a great one to have on the team – he provides a fresh perspective on challenges that just won’t go away.”

~ Richard Thieme, Keynote Speaker at Global Conferences on Security, Identity, Technology, Ethics


“Larry is a superb instructor. His classes at Intense School played a tremendous role in my CISSP certification. I will never forget the personal level of detail and concern Larry gave all of his students.”

~ Juan Harnett Jr., Principal Network Engineer


“It is a rare thing to meet someone who can not only educate, but inspire and entertain you as well. Larry’s instruction of the CISSP material, as well as his humor, tai chi instruction, and obvious kind nature made him one of these people in my life.

I strongly recommend that anyone considering sitting for the CISSP, CISA, or CISM study until you can study no more, then take Larry’s class. It’s one of the smartest things I’ve done, and I’m incredibly grateful for the lessons learned.”

~ Brian Carmen, Senior Consultant at Symantec


“Larry is without a doubt the best instructor I have had. He has an uncanny way of translating even the most complex subject matter to his students in an understandable way. His knowledge is both broad and deep, which I find rare. I cannot recommend Larry strongly enough for your training needs!”

~ Mark Wolfgang, President/CEO at Shorebreak Security, LLC


“Larry taught a CISSP bootcamp in which I participated in 2006. His understanding of the materials was far beyond the general breadth of knowledge displayed by the majority of practitioners in the field. More importantly he was able to teach the CBK as not 10 distinctive domains, but as it should be, a holistic problem solving methodology that emphasizes the defense of networks and their components, by turning aside the attacker…”

~ Spencer Wilcox, Security Professional at Exelon Corporation


…And many more…


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