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“Passed the CCSP! Larry Greenblatt your CCSP course was invaluable. The way you presented the concepts and augmented the material with real world examples were awesome! Thanks for all your help!”

Maurice Castronuovo

“Did a one-on-one session with Larry as my exam date was approaching and was still not as confident I hoped to be…the result was beyond what I hope to achieve. Not only was I more confident at the end, I passed the CISSP exam a few days after! I’m so grateful to Shifu (Chinese/mandarin for “master”) Larry on hammering the managerial mindset needed to nail this exam! This exam was definitely one of the toughest exams so far I’ve taken…Well worth it to do the one-on-one session with Larry if one is still contemplating in doing so…”

Ernesto Chu

“Excellent. Exceptional instructor; I enjoy the material being presented in a conversation format. The additional information on the Risk Management Framework was a bonus.”

Marcus Taite
Cybersecurity Project Manager, CRISC CISSP PMP ITIL v3 Foundation Security+ CE Network+ A+

“Larry’s Sept-18 class was wonderful and covered all aspects of exam but the cherry on the top was my 1-1 review with Larry. It was the only thing that boosted my confidence and helped me to pass the exam. The review was to the point, those 100 questions are of gold standard (I did over 3000 questions but none came close to Larry’s). I would highly recommend this 1-1 session to all aspiring CISSPs if they want to conquer the best in first attempt”

Pradeep Rawat

“Larry Greenblatt is probably the best CISSP instuctor out there.”

Kelly Handerhan
Founder and CEO CyberTrain.IT CISSP, CISM, CRISC, PMP, Security+, Network+, etc

“I recently took the CISSP exam on the 18th of April 2018 and successfully passed on my first attempt. Two days before the exam, I took Larrys (1-on-1 review session), the session included 50 questions written by Larry which I completed in advance and then Larry went through them with me and reviewed each and every question in detail. I can categorically say that I would have not passed the test without this session. Larry was instrumental and helped me to quickly identify my weak areas and this enabled me to concentrate on those areas before the exam. My advice to anyone planning to take the test, please please do the 1-on-1 review session with Larry, it will help you tremendously with clearing the test, it was the best investment I ever made !!!”

Robert Preston

“I can’t emphasis enough the immense value of one-on-one training. As he puts it, it’s an English management exam coupled with technical knowledge. Larry has a unique method of training that communicates with you in a natural way that not only helps you remember the CISSP material but also identify the right answer in the exam. Larry is genuinely vested in your success and I thank him for going over an above in preparing me to pass the new adaptive format CISSP exam. You will be glad you signed-up for the CISSP class from Larry!”

Waleed Tareen

“Larry taught a CISSP bootcamp in which I participated in 2006. His understanding of the materials was far beyond the general breadth of knowledge displayed by the majority of practitioners in the field. More importantly he was able to teach the CBK as not 10 distinctive domains, but as it should be, a holistic problem solving methodology that emphasizes the defense of networks and their components, by turning aside the attacker…”

Spencer Wilcox
Security Professional at Exelon Corporation

“Larry is without a doubt the best instructor I have had. He has an uncanny way of translating even the most complex subject matter to his students in an understandable way. His knowledge is both broad and deep, which I find rare. I cannot recommend Larry strongly enough for your training needs!”

Mark Wolfgang
President/CEO at Shorebreak Security, LLC

“It is a rare thing to meet someone who can not only educate, but inspire and entertain you as well. Larry’s instruction of the CISSP material, as well as his humor, tai chi instruction, and obvious kind nature made him one of these people in my life. I strongly recommend that anyone considering sitting for the CISSP, CISA, or CISM study until you can study no more, then take Larry’s class. It’s one of the smartest things I’ve done, and I’m incredibly grateful for the lessons learned.”

Brian Carmen
Senior Consultant at Symantec

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Welcome to InterNetwork Defense
Welcome to InterNetwork Defense
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